ARCHICAD: Always Focused on the Future of Architecture

Thomas Simmons Design

The fact that ARCHICAD is built by architects for architects is the key reason I was attracted to this Virtual Building product many years ago. Today GRAPHISOFT continues to focus on “The Future of Design in Architecture” as noted in this Architosh review: Arguably Ahead on Technology, Graphisoft Aims for the Future of Practice. 

As I starting using the latest release, ARCHICAD 20, I quickly realized that while it may be a sophisticated BIM product it’s working more like an architect thinks than ever. The re-designed interface and menu icons, while at first glance seem simple, is actually beautifully designed, modernized and helps streamline the workflow.

With the new Rhino-Grasshopper connection users can create complex modeling via NURBS and algorithmic design as well as develop light simulated renderings with the improved Cinerender engine. The opportunities to use ARCHICAD in the design phase is more powerful than ever!

While all of these design-oriented improvements may be an architects dream, there are many improvements that make the more day to day tasks easier and more fun. Instead of listing them all here, I’ve created a short video to demonstrate how the latest version of ARCHICAD improves an architects design process and workflow.

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