Get Started Quickly with Online Basic Training

basics2Interested in learning the basics of BIM? We offer bim basics training in-house or online. It’s appropriate for new users of ARCHICAD or ARCHICAD START Edition. The four, two-hour sessions introduce the concepts of BIM and how to model a virtual building within ARCHICAD. You will learn to navigate within a virtual building environment, explore basic modeling techniques and discover how to manage a building information model.

  • Part 1: Starting a Design
  • Part 2: Developing a BIM Model
  • Part 3: Detailing the BIM Model
  • Part 4: Documenting Your Project Using Views

BIM Basics Training Details

  • Online access to ARCHICAD Basic Training 8-Hour Course
  • Composed of 2-hour segments for easy comprehension
  • A Practice Model to download for use with ARCHICAD
  • Lessons from an Experienced ARCHICAD Instructor
  • 1 Year Login allows you to learn at your own pace and revisit the course materials as often as you’d like.
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