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iStock_000011183138MediumWe provide onsite training and consulting services for ARCHICAD to help you implement BIM into your business. If your office requires onsite training for ARCHICAD we have a full suite of course offerings that can be customized to your office requirements. Here is a list of our courses:

Introduction to ARCHICAD, Part 1
This course introduces the concepts and tools of ARCHICAD, how to work in a virtual building environment, and how to use ARCHICAD’s 2D & 3D tools. After this class, you will know the underlying organization of the application, how to use the tools, and how to create a Building Information Model. This course is appropriate for new users of ARCHICAD or experienced users who would like to get a high-level orientation to the basic aspects of ARCHICAD.
– Course length : 8 hours

Introduction to ARCHICAD, Part 2 
This course focuses on preparing and organizing the ARCHICAD Building Information model for presentation layouts or construction documents in ARCHICAD. After this class, you will know how to create and print a set of documents from a complete ARCHICAD model. This course is appropriate for new users that have completed Introductory ARCHICAD, or experienced users who have completed a schematic design model in ARCHICAD.
– Course length : 8 hours

Intermediate ARCHICAD
This course covers the time-saving techniques that smooth the modeling and documentation process. Techniques and commands includes: Intersecting, Trimming, Editing Polygons, Editing in the 3D Window, basic Object Making, and Layout techniques. We will also review the methods of implementing and managing a Teamwork project using ARCHICAD’s Teamwork tools for sharing, sending, receiving and changing your workspace.
– Course length : 8 hours

Comprehensive BIM Training
Our 3 day comprehensive training course combines introductory and intermediate training. This training course includes all 3 classes above:

  • Introduction to ARCHICAD, Part 1
  • Introduction to ARCHICAD, Part 2
  • Intermediate ARCHICAD

– Course length : 3 days

BIM for Teamwork Collaboration
This training session covers the complete setup of a TeamWork project. During this training session, we will establish a customized TeamWork setup procedure, and your team will understand how to efficiently use the TeamWork collaborative environment within ARCHICAD.
– Course length : 2 hours

Interface Customization and Standards
This training session covers the initial setup of ARCHICAD in firms where a standardized environment is essential to productivity. This is a guided collaborative effort during which the standards for Interface Customization and Network installation, Schedules setup, Keyboard Commands, and Favorites are discussed and a deployment strategy is designed.
– Course length : 2 hours

Visualization / Presentation Consulting and Services
This training covers visualization in ArchiCAD including photo-realistic renderings, sketch renderings, animations, sun studies and multimedia interactive presentations with BIMx. We review how to setup a rendering and process a rendering as well as how to create a BIMx interactive.
– Course length : 2 hours

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