Model Once, Not Twice
SketchUp to BIM Webinar
SketchUp is a popular early design tool. It’s easy to use. Yet this simplicity comes at a cost – wasted time and money re-building your design in another software. Learn how to design once in Archicad where valuable building information is carried through the entire design and documentation process.
You'll Uncover
  • Pros/Cons of Design in a BIM workflow.
  • How your design process affects the promise of a true BIM workflow.
  • The difference between a Surface Modeler and Building Modeler.
SketchUp-Style Commands without SketchUp
“Very early on in using Archicad, I recognized it had SketchUp qualities. You really have to sketch out a lot of ideas and need a better understanding of the design before you bring it into Revit.”
Jerrod Nichols
Fuse Architecture
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