ArchiCAD User Group


April 6, 2016 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
AIA East Bay
1405 Clay St
Oakland, CA 94612
ARCHVISTA Consulting

This Meeting’s Topic : Creating Custom GDL Objects with ArchiCAD

Guest speaker Patrick May with Walker Warner Architects will discuss Creating Custom GDL objects for ARCHICAD with little or no scripting required.

The presentation will cover:Walker Warner Architects

  • Saving a collection of model elements to a library part
  • Creating a custom floor plan symbol
  • Creating and combining multiple objects into a single, flexible and versatile object
  • Developing objects with multiple options
  • Basic custom library management practices
  • Resources to download ready modeled custom objects
  • Best practices for incorporating those objects into you custom library, and developing additional features for those library parts

The focal point of the presentation will be around lessons presented from noscriptgdl with some pointers on using model port for ARCHICAD.

iStock_000005756764SmallArchiCAD User Clinic – Q & A Session

We will spend part of the User Group answering questions about ArchiCAD techniques and problem solving issues.

Deepen your knowledge of ArchiCAD, Building Information Modeling, and Virtual Building technology. Join us for a lively Q & A and meet some of your fellow ArchiColleagues!