Framing Simplified

Tracie Simmons

June 23, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 10:00 am

ArchiFrame & ARCHICAD

ArchiFrame is an innovative design tool for framing structures that combines engineering with aesthetics. It is an ARCHICAD extension that provides for more user-friendly wood and metal structuring and design.

Join us to examine how ArchiFrame:

• makes it easy to structure roofs, walls, floors, frames, panels, and wooden elements
• reshapes planks and beams in one click
• sits within your ARCHICAD file — including 3D models and 2D elevations with semi-automated layouts and listings
improves processes and project management.

Discover why ArchiFrame is the ultimate end-to-end modeling software for wood and metal framing.

“ArchiFrame is a bridge between the design and the construction process. Design drawings in Archicad to light gauge steel frame construction drawings in ArchiFrame with Teamwork is a seamless process. Our company has been using this tool since 2016 and we completely love it. It saves time and money, providing a clear 3d visualization of the CORE structure to the workers on the field.”

Yuga Chaudhari Building Technology Manager, Healthy Buildings Management Group