Interiors & Interoperability with ARCHICAD

Tracie Simmons

Join the Interior Design team from CJMW Architecture as they share their experiences in using BIM to collaborate, improve communication and reduce project errors!

Interior Design with ARCHICAD

Based in North Carolina, the team at CJMW Architecture have long used Building Information Modelling (BIM) for the efficiency it brings to their entire design process – from concept development through to presentation. With ARCHICAD as their BIM solution, the Interior Design team are able to easily collaborate with external stakeholders who sometimes use different BIM software products. Best of all, they can maintain their preferred level of skill, design and detailing, without compromising on the accurate sharing of data or project information.

In this webinar, members of the CJMW Interior Design team will demonstrate how the use of BIM has not only improved their design processes, but also changed their design techniques and methodology – ultimately resulting in better interior architecture. Providing real-world examples of this tried-and-true workflow, they will also show ARCHICAD ‘ups their design game’; improves client relations and communication; and delivers accurate documentation that can reduce errors on the job site.

By the end of this webinar, attendees will uncover:

  • The design process that CJMW developed using ARCHICAD
  • How applying that process can streamline a broken workflow (no more doubling work)
  • How ARCHICAD handles detailed and complex design
  • How built-in features of ARCHICAD enhance client understanding of design intent
About CJMW Architecture

For more than a century CJMW has provided a full range of planning, architectural and interior design services. An ARCHICAD firm since 2005, CJMW has produced award-winning work on restaurants, hotels, senior living communities, corporate offices, and public venues.