Taming Technology in Service of Interior Design

Thomas Simmons

Interior Designers are currently looking into new technologies to see how they can help them improve the different aspects of their work. How does it enhance their Design, Presentation, Documentation, and Site Coordination? Can it increase their profitability?

In this webinar we are joined by Elizabeth Ellis, principal at Elizabeth Ellis Interior Design, who specializes in high-end residential interior design and commercial projects.

Elizabeth has been ahead of the curve in leveraging state-of-the-art technologies including Matterport Scanning, Point Clouds, BIM, BIMx, VR, and AR, to maximize the efficiency of her firm. We will shed light on how she streamlined her workflow to optimize her productivity and produce impactful designs.

“For renovation projects, I will use my Matterport camera to scan the entire project, then I will drop the point cloud into Archicad and start modeling from that.”  – Elizabeth Ellis