Working with a Structural Engineer

Tracie Simmons

February 9, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

In this ARCHICAD In-Practice session Riverstone Structural Engineering will review what infoStructural Imagermation your structural engineer can take from the model to optimize their design and reduce overly conservative design assumptions. Harnessing the protocols you already have in place to streamline your structural engineers workflow, reducing guess work and timely back and forth coordination.

Riverstone Structural Concepts is recognized as one of the most innovative, client-centric engineering firms in the West. The firm specializes in commercial and industrial buildings as well as high-value homes. Their team integrates architectural and engineering software applications including Scia Engineer and ARCHICAD.

Presenter: Jake Timmons

Jake is an Associate at Riverstone Structural Concepts and serves as lead project manager for the residential design group. Jake uses the power of ARCHICAD, Scia and Tekla to manage the production and delivery of a superior level of project coordination, design optimization and 3-D live collaboration in every project. Using these cutting edge technologies, the Riverstone Structural Concepts residential design group is able to deliver an economically superior level of engineering by producing live 3-Dimensional structural drawings fully integrated within the architectural model complete with concrete and rebar volume take-offs, joist schedules, wood volumes and live 3-D structural details. This level of structural coordination has created a standard of engineering drawings that are second to none. Furthermore, the residential team thrives on the power of the multi-user BIM sever collaboration process. Every engineer and designer has an intimate working knowledge of the model they are in throughout the design phase and beyond.