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Share BIM Projects | Easy Setup for Teamwork
Jul 29 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Do you struggle collaborating with your team using BIM? This BIM in 30 Minutes webinar will shed light on how ARCHICAD’s Teamwork with BIMcloud provides for an ultra-fast design sharing and collaboration platform. Best of all, no IT skills are required. Join us to learn how to…

  • Share BIM projects with small to large teams.
  • Collaborate using model-based instant messaging for tracking issues, project management and team coordination.
  • Work in remote locations with fast, easy access to the BIMcloud.

At Ordiz-Melby Architects they use ARCHICAD to increase productivity and improve collaboration. Jeannie Bertolaccini, Principal commented that “it’s elevated our interview process, collaboration with clients and communication with contractors. No other program provides real-time coordination with our consultants using Teamwork“.

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SketchUp to BIM | Model Once Not Twice
Aug 12 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Are you building two models? First creating a design model in SketchUp then re-building the model for BIM.

Join this BIM in 30 Minutes webinar to discover how to Model Once. You’ll uncover that designing in ARCHICAD with a SketchUp style workflow maintains the model integrity and contains valuable building information that is carried through the entire design and documentation process. You’ll learn how to:

  • Use BIM as a design tool similar to SketchUp.
  • Use SketchUp style commands, such as Push Pull and Follow Me, in a BIM solution.
  • Avoid lost time and money rebuilding SketchUp models when transitioning to BIM.

Our clients start in ARCHICAD at the beginning of design and seamlessly move into construction documents without rebuilding the model. Stefan Hampden of CAST Architecture in Seattle recently commented that “they used to use SketchUp a lot more in early design but find they need it less and less” when using ARCHICAD.

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Model Details | Quick 2D to 3D Conversion
Sep 9 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Join this BIM in 30 Minutes webinar to discover how easy it is to convert 2D detail drawings into 3D model details. You’ll see how this technique can be used for different types of detailing including residential, commercial, retail and historical. Learn how to:

  • Convert a 2D drawing into a 3D detail.
  • Connect building materials to details for visualization and schedules.
  • Extract a 2D detail drawing from a 3D detail with annotation.

Timothy Ball with jhd Architects rarely draws in 2D. He prefers to resolve design and construction details in 3D. “You can’t fake it in 3D” says Ball. When you model in 3D with detail “you have the confidence that what you are designing can actually be built.”

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Renovation with BIM | 2D & 3D Management
Oct 14 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

For most firms, renovation projects account for the majority of the workload but managing the various stages can be a struggle. During this BIM in 30 Minutes webinar discover how to quickly add existing conditions for demolition drawings and how this helps expedite the new design work. You’ll also uncover situations where existing conditions do not have to be completely modeled, as well as how to get your drawings to look the way you want them to look.

Join us to examine…

  • How to model existing conditions quickly and accurately
  • How to use existing conditions to produce better designs in less time
  • How to manage phases and renovation filters to control the display of drawings to match company standards

For Passacantando Architects renovation is a big part of what they do and ARCHICAD makes the process a whole lot easier.  “Using the renovation filter helped us see what needed to remain and what could be torn down, of course,” explained Andrew Passacantando when talking about the recent renovation of an historic home. “Showing the existing conditions and proposed changes made it easier for us to communicate with the folks involved in approving our ideas.”

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Engage Clients | Mobile & Real-Time Visualization
Nov 11 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Whether you’re an established firm or a young studio, technology is rapidly evolving in the AEC market and clients are expecting high-tech when it comes to architectural design services. This is leading businesses to rethink their design approach. Join this BIM in 30 Minutes webinar to discover how to…

  • Shift BIM earlier into the design process
  • Incorporate “real-time” visualization such as Twinmotion with the Unreal Engine
  • Use mobile apps such as the BIMx Hyper-model for presentations, design review and on-site coordination.

The team at Scenario Architecture is increasingly using real-time visualization in their design process. “I don’t wait anymore,” says Teodora Iancu, one of Scenario’s Architectural Designers. “As soon as I have an idea, I draw it in ARCHICAD and then one click away, it’s there for me to see” in Twinmotion. He  says “it’s become intrinsic to our design.”

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