Architecture & BIM in Oregon



Oregon Architects | Architecture firms in Oregon are doing some amazing work. One of the best parts about being in the ARCHICAD business is that we get to see the incredible projects created by our clients. All over the state of Oregon we see how ARCHICAD firms have had an impact on their communities.

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Portland, Oregon architecture includes a number of notable buildings, a wide range of styles. The scale of many projects is fairly small, as a result of the relatively small size of downtown-Portland blocks. They also have strict height restrictions enacted to protect views of nearby Mount Hood from Portland’s West Hills. A block size is Portland is 200 feet by 200.

Although these restrictions limit the size of projects, they contribute to Portland’s reputation for intricate urban planning. Right behind the city of Chicago, Portland has the second-highest number of “green” buildings of any city in the U.S (Data as of 2009). Portland, Oregon is a major leader in sustainable architectural design.

The KOIN Center building on SW 3rd
The KOIN Center building on SW 3rd