Artlantis Media


Artlantis Media can be downloaded through an In-App Store. There are more than 5,000 shaders, objects, and billboards available. Once purchased they are automatically downloaded into the catalog under the right categories and sub-categories. All you have to do is use them!

To pay for media you must first purchase credits. Credits are available in increments of 100, 200, 500 and 1,000.

To access and enrich your scenes, just create an account, use your credits, and download new media.


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Using the new media catalog is fast and efficient. It’s organized into categories (icons) and subcategories (titles) and allows you to choose in mere seconds the right media for your project. For better use of your workspace, the catalog window can be moved independently on your second screen if you use one.

Taking advantage of the catalog, Artlantis includes new shaders. Some are optimized with additional parameters like relief mapping to better simulate the depths of surfaces. In addition, non-repetitive tiling shaders and multi-texture natural shaders simulate natural surfaces like ground, grass, and water.


Artlantis makes using shaders fast and easy. Instantly dress a material with all the attributes of a given shader (tint, color, opacity, specular reflection, shininess, blur effect, normal mapping, pattern scale and orientation) with a simple ‘drag & drop’ from the catalog to the desired surface in the scene.

Artlantis Peopls

Texture Mapping

Now you can use your own images as materials. Import your own images with a simple ‘drag & drop’ from the catalog. Then, clone them horizontally and/or vertically to cover the surface you have selected.


Drag & drop special images, known as Billboards, from the catalog into the 3D scene. Isolated and always facing the camera, a billboard allows you to enhance your scenes with true 2D images. These billboards can be traffic “warning signs”, “manhole covers”, or even characters’ clothing (the color of the clothing can be changed).

3D Objects

Artlantis People

3D objects also benefit from the ease of use associated with ’drag & drop’. Artlantis gives you the freedom to place your objects wherever you want, with guidance as necessary. In other words, using a simple shortcut, objects will automatically snap to the closest geometry. In the interest of saving time, the attachment point reacts according to the characteristics of the object: a lamp, for example, will always be vertical; a bracket lamp will be perpendicular to a wall — you no longer need to worry about it! Objects can be saved in Artlantis and can even contain light sources that are reproduced when they are integrated into a scene.

3D People

Developed in partnership with AXYZ Design, 3D characters are static in Artlantis Render and animated in Artlantis Studio. Like any other 3D object in Artlantis, the 3D people are placed using a simple ‘drag & drop’. The size, clothing color, and behavior can all be changed according to your needs.

Artlantis Plants

3D Plants

Developed in partnership with VB Visual and Bionatics, one of the industry’s leading developers, Artlantis’s 3D plants and vegetation can be used as simple objects, with a simple ‘drag & drop’ into the desired place. In addition, these 3D plants and vegetation have an excellent feature of pre-defined behavior, such as foliage tint and density, for example, to match the season defined by the Artlantis heliodons.