ModelPort Bundle Upgrade


Only have access to OBJ or FBX 3D Objects with your current ModelPort Add-On? Upgrade to the MODELPORT Bundle and gain access to Alias Wavefront OBJ, Autodesk FBX, Collada DAE and Autodesk 3D Studio 3DS files.

Never purchased ModelPort, the best way to construct ArchiCAD Library parts from 3D Objects? Check out your options.

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We’ve worked with ArchiCAD users for over seventeen years and one of the biggest requests we hear is 3d Object for ArchiCADthat users want more objects that are high quality and reflect real products. With MODELPORT ArchiCAD users get access to a wider range of objects including over 470,000 on TurboSquid!

Popular formats supported

A wealth of architectural elements are produced by modeling and visualization software – but ArchiCAD can’t access many of these formats. With MODELPORT you can now import Alias Wavefront OBJ, Autodesk FBX, Collada DAE and 3D Studio 3DS files.

Design with rich media

Do the interiors of your ArchiCAD models look bland, lacking in character and detail that is important to selling a design? With MODELPORT you can access libraries with beautiful designs of furniture, lighting, appliances and other building elements as well as plants and trees that look real!

Smooth surface 3D models

When you import a SketchUp model using ArchiCAD’s SketchUp import it triangulates curved surfaces. With MODELPORT objects imported from OBJ, FBX, 3DS & DAE formats are automatically created with smooth surfaces. This makes objects look more realistic with higher quality and smaller file size – greatly improving your 3D experience.

Clean 2D symbols

As mentioned above ArchiCAD’s SketchUp import creates objects with triangulated surfaces. This process not only creates triangulation in 3D but also creates triangulated lines in the 2D symbol, creating a messy projected 2D view. Since MODELPORT objects are converted into ArchiCAD objects with smooth surfaces the 2D view it generates is very clean.

High quality rendering content

With the new Cinerender you can create very realistic renderings. But to make your rendering come alive you also need realistic furniture, appliances, lighting, and more. With MODELPORT you can now access extensive libraries of entourage to embellish your renderings.

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