Upgrade : ModelPort 1.0 to 2.0

$159.00 / year

For a LIMITED TIME ModelPort 1.0 users can upgrade to ModelPort 2.0 at a discounted rate for the first year.

Upgrade from Bundle: $99 1st year; $159/year after
Upgrade from OBJ/FBX: $129 1st year; $159/year after

ModelPort is complete software

The new ModelPort 2.0 includes a number of features that make downloading and editing objects for ARCHICAD easier than ever. You can now import, edit and change settings for a wider variety of objects, including MODO, Lightwave and Blender. Plus, you can preview models before import as well as edit material, texture, texture placement, pen weight, fill color and more with powerful parametric editing tools. Best of all you can manage imported models and objects to reduce file size and control the polygon count improving speed and performance.

ModelPort 2.0 is now an annual subscription offering, which allows for:

  • Expedited release of ModelPort updates when new versions of ARCHICAD are released
  • Smaller, more frequent feature upgrades
  • Automatic licensing and downloads with new orders

Creating and managing ARCHICAD Object Libraries has never been easier!


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