Intelligent Design & Project Coordination

Is your business still using 2D CAD on projects? Does your BIM software feel cumbersome and hard to use?

Learn why architects and builders alike are adopting ArchiCAD – an easy to use Virtual Building technology that automates project documents, generates bi-directional building schedules, creates intelligent keynotes, produces photo-realistic visualization, reduces construction conflicts and much more!

Attend a local or online event to discover how Virtual Building can help improve project productivity.

Images courtesy Christopher+Kacur and Dan Hruby Architect 

2D to 3D Without BIM

For many 3D often connotes BIM or Building Information Modeling which can feel big and cumbersome. But it does not have to be! We invite you to to learn how to access the productivity benefits of BIM using ArchiCAD’s easy to use Virtual Building technology.

Image courtesy b9 Architect

Adapting Your Workflow for 3D

Interested in learning how to tailor ArchiCAD’s workflow for your staff and projects? In this webinar we will review client case studies and project examples that demonstrate how to setup an integrated Virtual Building workflow for your business.

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