BIM Reduces Errors in Documentation

Our clients average between 30% and 60% increased productivity due in part to reduced time spent on documentation! Implementing a BIM system enables your business to be more efficient and reduce errors. Construction documents can be derived from the model with no repetitive work – saving time while increasing profit!

With a BIM solution you can create sections and elevations that update as you work. Schedules and bills of materials that reflect the current state of the building model can be generated quickly. Interactive two-way communication between schedules and the Virtual Building™ allows changes to the model directly from the Interactive Schedule.

When you implement a BIM system the documentation and drafting tools offer time saving advantages including:

  • Automatic and Associative Dimensioning
  • Scale-sensitive Drawing Elements
  • Model-based 2D and 3D detailing
  • Area and Volume Calculations
  • Interactive Building Schedules
  • Tools to Produce Beautiful Graphics
  • Publisher for Batch Print, Plot & Save

Courtesy Christopher Kacur Architects, Michael Hricak Architect, Christian Gladu Design Studio and Jared Banks.

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BIM Production | Improving the Process

There are many ways to integrate BIM into a successful design and documentation workflow. Patrick May, Digital Design Coordinator at Walker Warner Architects, an award winning firm in San Francisco, reviews how their process has improved with the adoption of ARCHICAD.

Walker Warner Architects has completed more than 200 projects in several different parts of the United States. The firm received multiple awards including Business Week / Architectural Record Award, Best of the Bay, Small Firms Great Projects and AIA Honolulu Design Award. The firm has also been exhibited at SFMOMA as part of “How Wine Became Modern: Design + Wine 1976 to Now”.

In this case study we will examine ways in which Walker Warner has used BIM to improve their workflow, maintain high quality documentation, implement new methods for communication and increase efficiencies in the design process.