Shift from 2D to Intelligent 3D Modeling

B.I.M huh? Well B.I.M stands for Building Information Modeling and has changed the process of how many architects work. By learning the process, not just the software behind BIM, you can greatly improve how you work on a project, delivering higher quality work more efficiently.

At ARCHVISTA we focus on providing solutions and services that support your design process, decreases the time you spend on documentation, helps you reduce errors and increases profitability.

How BIM Changes the Process (For The Better)

The traditional architectural process places most of the workload in the design development and construction document phases. With BIM it shifts that process forward into the design phase yet many architecture firms still use programs like SketchUp or Rhino for design modeling rather than Revit.

Why?? Because the tools and modeling methods in Revit are not natural for the design process. This is why firms are frustrated their not achieving the promised productivity gains from BIM.

Built for Architects & Designers

So how do you correct this problem and begin using BIM in the design process? By selecting a BIM tool that was designed for architects by architects and provides an ease of use workflow that is natural for design.

The BIM solution we recommend and is used by architects, designers and builders throughout the world is ARCHICAD – a Virtual Building solution. ARCHICAD provides you with a native building information modeling platform designed to help professional architects create realistic digital representations of their vision. Combining ease of use with advanced modeling capabilities, this application can integrate the architecture process, from the initial concept and sketch to documentation and detail. We do Business Information Modeling the right way.