Benefits of BIM in the Conceptual Phase

Design with Archicad | At ARCHVISTA we understand the process of design because we’re educated and trained as architects. That is why we believe your BIM system should support your approach to design – not the other way around.

Whether you’re doing a quick conceptual 3D massing study, working out a functional design arrangement in plan, detailing the eaves or designing a complex roof in 3D your BIM solution should feel like a natural part of your workflow. That’s why it’s critical your BIM solution feels like a design tool.

When navigating within the BIM environment floor plans, elevations, sections or any 3D view should be instantaneous to feel like it’s an integral and natural part of the design process. The BIM solution you choose should work at the same speed you design – there should be no wait time for the technology to catch up to your ideas.

To meet this criteria we recommend ARCHICAD, the best in class BIM solution designed by architects for architects. ARCHICAD is recognized as the premier BIM solution worldwide, the fastest BIM technology on the market and an easy to use tool for both modeling and documentation.

Images courtesy Bradley Khouri of b9 architects, David Vandervort Architects, PAA Studio and Terry & Terry Architecture.

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OPA Blends Rhino with ArchiCAD



This case study explores the Shapeshifter project, a 4,900 SF house in Reno, Nevada currently under construction and developed using Rhino and ARCHICAD. The project began with study models developed by these tools that combine programming logic with parametric design in a hybrid modeling environment blending Rhino’s free-form surface modeler with ARCHICAD’s solid-modeler.

OPA is a progressive architecture firm in San Francisco that has been globally recognized for projects ranging in scale from institutions to private homes, as well as interior and object design.  They recently received the Architectural League of New York’s ‘Emerging Voices’ award, which recognizes individuals and firms with distinct design voices and the potential to influence the disciplines of architecture, landscape design and urbanism. OPA has been widely featured in international publications such as The New York Times, Metropolis, and Wallpaper*, Architecture, Architectural Record, and GA Houses, and in multiple exhibitions at the GA Gallery in Tokyo. Their work has received numerous American Institute of Architects San Francisco and California awards.