Take Your Design Wherever You Go

Today’s architect and design professional requires access to the BIM model and documents at multiple locations including the office, on the job site, at home and in meetings with clients. The BIM solution you select should be highly flexible and work on multiple devices without limitations or expense. It’s important that you can access your model at any point or location in your day-to-day workflow.

BIMx for Mobile Access

We’ve researched numerous mobile applications for architects and builders. For mobile project presentations, virtual BIM model access and on-site document review our favorite app is BIMx. This solution features the BIMx Hyper-model, a unique technology for integrated 2D and 3D building project navigation. With the BIMx Hyper-model, you get smooth handling and outstanding performance. Even for projects with complex 3D models and extensive 2D documentation.

BIMx is compatible with iOS and Android devices

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Using iPads in Design & On-site

maclogo_mainMobile BIM | MAC Architecture|Construction is a design-build firm located in Palo Alto, California that provides services from concept design through construction. Transitioning from the architectural phase to the construction phase is seamless with the same team members involved throughout the process. From the outset of a project…through completion, MAC works closely with clients to provide the best possible solution. The firm also utilizes 3D BIM technology, providing clients with life-like imagery of the design well in advance of construction, thus helping to inform decisions and mitigate potential costly change orders.

In this case study Michael Chacon, architect and licensed general building contractor, discusses how BIMx has become an integral part of both design review and construction coordination. He shares how his team uses iPads in the field to review the design, access documents from the cloud and coordinate construction with the model.