Tools for Landscape and Terrain Design

ArchiRADAR – 3D Parametric Plants and Trees

The ArchiRADAR collection of 3D plants and trees are specifically designed to be beautiful but also very light. This way you can place a lot of trees without overloading the project management or the rendering calculation.

HI-RES Plants are specifically made to be used for very realistic rendering inside Archicad due to the high detail of the model 3d and textures; they are also compatible with Cinerender providing bumping and reflection channels. These plants are 3d models that can be scaled in 3d. These plants don’t have a symbolic view in elevation.

2D-3D Parametric Plants are 3d models always different one another generated from a GDL algorithm; they have a lower level of detail with a low number of polygons; these plants have a symbolic model for elevation; these plants are better to be used for drafting drawings, but also for conceptual rendering and BIMX.

Twinmotion – Real-time Design with Plants & Landscape Elements

Twinmotion is all about creating architectural and landscape visualizations quickly without having to go through a lengthy learning process. This is accomplished using a simple interface combined with Epic’s Unreal real-time rendering engine and the Megascan library,  the world’s largest and fastest-growing scan library, packed with premium-quality assets including highly detailed plants and trees. It puts thousands of 3D scans at the fingertips of architects, interior designers and landscape architects who can use the assets to populate and enrich your designs.

Plus, Twinmotion is FREE for Archicad users with a full perpetual or full annual subscription.

BIMcomponents – Graphisoft Portal with Landscape & Plant Objects

BIMcomponents is an Archicad community portal where architects and designers can share objects as well as discuss and rate the uploaded content. The website offers free membership and includes thousands of Archicad parametric objects including manufacturer-specific and third party content as well as plants, trees and landscape elements.