Making it Fast & Easy to Learn About Archicad

So you’ve decided to review Archicad for your business or you’re a user who’s interested in learning how to use Archicad better. We know your time is valuable so we’ve created an informational program to help your review process.

Below are 30 minute presentations in both on-demand and live webinar formats. We invite you to review the benefits of Archicad and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Upcoming Webinars

Residential Design | Remodeling & New Construction
Jan 27 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm
One of the bright spots during these challenging times has been the housing market where owners are remodeling and building new homes. Join this BIM in 30 Minutes webinar to explore how Archicad can help your firm increase productivity and reduce errors with the intelligence of an integrated model.
We invite you to hear an interview of Christopher Lee, Principal of Design Associates Architects, an award winning design firm highlighted on HGTV, who will talk about the impact of Archicad on his business. In the interview he discusses how “Archicad pays for itself many times over. It’s the smartest investment we ever made”.

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Images courtesy Design Associates Architects
Tenant Improvement | Managing a Commercial Renovation
Feb 24 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm
A recent edition of Dodge Data & Analytics predicts that renovations to existing offices will see the biggest gains in 2021. During this BIM in 30 Minutes webinar discover why Archicad is increasing being used for renovating and updating existing offices. You’ll learn how a BIM tool can be used to quickly add existing conditions for demolition drawings and how this helps expedite the new design work. You’ll also uncover situations where existing conditions do not have to be completely modeled, as well as how to get your drawings to look the way you want them to look.
Join us to examine…
  • How to model existing conditions quickly and accurately
  • How to increase productivity  with documentation and details of existing and new construction
  • How to manage phases and renovation filters to control the display of drawings

Michaela Reiterer, Principal at Hlevel Architects, shared with Graphisoft their experience “on a tenant improvement project, we were able to use Archicad to create visualization and documentation all the way through to cabinetry. We found it beneficial to save the interiors in the model and make shop drawings for those details. In AutoCAD, it would have been a very complicated process, because all the ceiling heights change.”

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Images courtesy Studio Como

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