We Invite You to Explore Archicad & BIM

Explore an Archicad Project in 7 Minutes

This video shows you how you can discover and understand the structure and the content of an Archicad project. 

Hillside House © 2012 Reload Architects, Hungary |

Modeling with Archicad in 15 minutes

This video shows all the steps to model a small forest cabin using basic Archicad tools and techniques: Wall, Roof, Slab, Curtain Wall, Object, Door, Mesh. The tutorial uses the Archicad 24 International template file.  Follow these steps:

  • Click to download this template file >>
  • Unzip the ARCHICAD-24-INT-Compressed file
  • Launch Archicad and click the “Browse” button
  • Navigate to the ARCHICAD-24-INT-Template.pln, select the file and click the “Open” button.

Documenting with Archicad in 10 Minutes

Follow this video to quickly learn how you can create new views in an Archicad project, how to dimension, label and annotate your drawings, and publish your BIM project’s entire documentation.

Visit this article to understand the structure of a BIM project in Archicad. It will help you a lot when documenting: ARCHICAD Basic Concepts – The Navigator at…

Discover BIM with Archicad in 7 Minutes

Watch this video to briefly see what BIM is about and discover how Archicad can make your work more efficient with its vast array of tools and functionalities.

Visualization with Archicad in 7 Minutes

Watch this video to see the many ways you can visualize your project using Archicad, BIMx and Twinmotion.