Why Archicad? Simplify the Process

Tracie Simmons

November 12, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
ARCHVISTA Consulting
Integrated Design | Increased Productivity | Better Presentations
Discover why more firms are switching to Archicad. There’s never been a better time than this economic disruption to re-evaluate your design and documentation tools as well as your project workflow, and to prepare yourself  for the increased competitiveness on the horizon.
Join us to learn how Archicad can simplify your process while increasing your productivity… making it easier for you to deliver a better product faster. What our clients are saying…

Design Focused BIM Solution
“Archicad has, at the end of the day, given us a tool with which to be much better architects, and we want to fully utilize that in order to achieve a high level of design”
– David Grooms, Principal, Vega Architecture

Reduce Your Software Costs
“It’s an opportunity for software simplification. We consolidated multiple seats of AutoCAD, Revit, 3dsMax and Lumion into Archicad licenses.”
– Jerrod Nichols, Project Manager, Fuse Architecture

Save Time Rebuilding SketchUp Models
“We used to use SketchUp a lot more in early design but find we need it less and less when using Archicad.”
– Stefan Hampden, Principal, CAST Architecture

BIMx Interactive Design Review
“If you immerse a client in BIMx, they’re going to see it. They’re gonna see the scale, relationship, the size, the quality of that space in materials. So, they’ll get an excellent idea of what their project is really about.”
– Thomas C. Levi, Principal, LWDA

Easy & Affordable Team Collaboration
“It’s elevated our interview process, collaboration with clients and communication with contractors. No other program provides “real-time” coordination with our consultants as we can with BIMcloud.”
– Jeannie Bertolaccini, Principal, Ordiz-Melby Architects