Does Archicad or Revit Process Faster?

Tracie Simmons Project Management, Technology

When the spinning wheel keeps turning as your computer processes its last command, you may blame the hardware. But what if the speed barrier isn’t too little RAM or that graphics card you didn’t upgrade last year. What if the problem is how effectively (or ineffectively) the software uses the hardware?

GRAPHISOFT Center Denmark recently completed a head-to-head competition between Archicad and Revit. The goal of the test was to objectively compare speed of processing identical tasks on identical platforms. Productivity is the key to profitability for any business, and time spent staring at the blue spinning wheel is significant over the course of the year on complex BIM projects.

Naturally, since this is an ARCHVISTA blog and Archicad was faster, we are delighted to provide a link here to the full report with methodology and metrics or you can watch the video below. The results are fascinating. Who knew software design could be the productivity barrier between you and an extra two weeks of summer vacation?

Written by Sue Lani Madsen, AIA Member Emeritus, Freelance Columnist
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