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“Modelport has been a wonderful resource enabling us to bring a much higher level of realism to our Archicad models, which goes hand in hand with the enhanced level of visualization from tools such as BIMx.”
– Roderick Anderson, CEO & Design Director, Sarco Architects


Access more imports & review 90% faster


Expand import formats

ModelPort gives Archicad users greater access to manufacturer and third party models with 15 format options including SKP, OBJ, FBX, MODO, X3D, Blender and more!

You can also use ModelPort to edit and manage Revit, Rhino and IFC files using our "Import from Archicad" feature.

Plus RFA, IFC & more

For formats not supported by ModelPort, such as RFA, IFC and Rhino, you can use “Import from Archicad”.

First import using Archicad’s built-in import options, place and select the Object then choose "Import from Archicad" in the ModelPort menu.

Integrated with Archicad
It's quick and easy to import a model to Archicad. To import use “Open 3D Model” from the ModelPort menu, select the file and review it in our Preview Editor.

Review imports faster
Avoid wasted time importing objects you’re not going to use! ModelPort allows you to review imports in our Interactive Editor - process that is up to 90% faster than reviewing imports in Archicad.
About Test
Archicad Process
ModelPort Process & Results
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Multiple model review
Review multiple models before import and avoid cluttering your embedded library. You can have multiple scenes open within the Editor which saves time opening and closing imported models.

Batch import

If you regularly download objects from third party websites or manufacturers this feature allows you to quickly import multiple files at one time. It's simple, select the files and use Batch Import to reduce time importing multiple models.

Organize & Browse Imports
The ModelPort Browser helps you organize and preview libraries of imported objects using a visual navigator. You can drag drop objects from the Navigator into a project and open objects directly into ModelPort for review.


Clean-up 2D symbols & 3D model   


Reduce messy graphics

When a model with curved surfaces is imported to Archicad it will often create messy 2D symbols and 3D graphics.
Imports using ModelPort will automatically clean up both the symbols in plan as well as the graphics in 3D model elements.


Set colors & pens
In Archicad imported objects typically have limited options for editing Pen Weights. With ModelPort users can set custom pens and colors for selected components for the Plan, Elevation and 3D View as well as define the Pen Color for the 3D Contour

Add Fills to symbols
Enhance the graphics of models imported into Archicad. Select components within a view and set the background color for the elements for design presentations and documentation.

Edit material properties
It’s quick to change a material. Select the surface of an object in a View or from the Items List, go to Properties and edit the Internal material options or select from the Archicad materials list.


Quickly edit imported models  

Visual Editor
Our Visual Editor is an intuative way to edit imported elements. Within any of the views select a surface(s) so it's highlighted and then edit the Properties of a selected element from the Items List or a Context Menu.

Interactive Scene
Elements can get out of view when navigating between multiple models and complex scenes so we added an interactive “Pull Scene” to fit content to the 3D window.

Control visibility
When using third party models you’ll often need to delete or hide elements that were left ON by the author or not required for your project. In ModelPort you can choose to delete or hide elements within the Preview Window or the Properties of a selected element.

Edit Mesh Elements
You can also delete meshes of an imported model when you need to clean up elements.

Scale model size
Interactively resize elements with click editable dimensions within the Preview Window. Other properties are also click editable including library part name, surfaces and other element information within the editor.

Transform elements
To rotate and move components of imported models ModelPort includes controls to adjust the X, Y and Z position and rotation properties.


Improve workability of 3D imports

Control polygon issues
An object with a high polygon count can decrease speed and performance of Archicad. With ModelPort you can use the Poly reduced option to decrease the polygons and track the reduction with the Polygon Count Indicator within the 3D Viewer.

Reduce model file size
Imported models often increase the size of an Archicad project file. The ModelPort save mode reduces the size of imported files up to 8 times smaller compared to Archicad's standard GDL format.
Manage complex models
Models imported from third-party sources and manufacturers often need additional editing and management. Using “Import from Archicad” convert an imported model into Morphs and combine it with Archicad elements.
In this example we increased performance, cleaned up the symbol and customized graphics of an RFA model downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.
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Review photogrammetry
We've designed our 3D graphics engine, a next generation GPU platform powered by Vulkan, to provide increased lighting accuracy, better graphics quality, support for high-resolution displays and faster performance that can handle larger models, such as the 6.7 million polygon historic chapel model shown in this example.


Manage detail of imports with MVO


Levels of detail

ModelPort offers three levels of detail that can be linked to imported elements which are Full, Simplified and Schematic.

Link detail levels to import
Each detail level in ModelPort can be linked to Mesh Properties that are used to manage the state of the element that includes Normal, Poly Reduced, Bounding Box and Hidden.

Connect detail to MVO
After linking elements of imported models to ModelPort's detail levels you can then connect these elements to Archicad's Model View Options (MVO).
Manage detail with Views
To enable detail control within Saved Views select the Model View Option (MVO) within the General panel of the View Settings.


Key benefits of ModelPort 4.0 

New 3ds Max Loader
  • We've added a new loader that can import 3DS Max files with editable meshes and polygons, UVs, multi- materials, object transforms and basic scene scale.
Updated SketchUp Importer 
  • The new ModelPort version can now import the most recent version which is SketchUp 2024.
Add Light to Objects
It's now simple and easy to add light to manufacturer or third party content without GDL! In ModelPort 4.0 we're introducing new tools to add, edit and manage four types of lights...
  • Point Light
  • Directional Light
  • Spot Light
  • General Light
Import Light Object
Set Subtype
Add Light
Edit Light
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Improve Editing
The new version offers more editing capabilities including bottom offset, freeze transform, drag to scale and "UV Adjust" modifier which changes the mesh uvs to fit better to Archicad real-scale materials.
Bottom Offset
Freeze Transform
UV Adjust
Drag to Scale
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Camera Views
Import scenes created in SketchUp and from models saved in the Autodesk FBX format. This will allow you to quickly navigate imported models as well as manage cameras.
Import FBX & SKP
View Scenes
Manage Cameras
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My Account Update
We've added numerous improvements to the My Account portal including...
  • Improved UI for better navigation
  • Ability to add or delete licenses
  • Quick access to license details
  • Management options for a pool of floating licenses.
Improved UI
Faster Process
License Details
Manage Floating Licenses
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To review the complete list of new features, improvements and updates in ModelPort 4.0 click here >>


Work at home, office and with teams 


Workflow Options

The move to hybrid work has influenced the technology industry's migration towards cloud licensing.

With this latest release of ModelPort we're introducing two cloud license options, the Switch License and Floating License.


Standard License

This option has been available the past several years and works well for an individual with one computer who does not need the flexibility of moving the license. 


Switch License

If you work from home and have a second computer at your office or have both a desktop and a laptop this license provides the flexibility to easily switch between two computers. 


Floating License

For offices with different locations or team members who want to share  licenses this provides the flexibility to transfer licenses between different users and computers.


Viewer License

If you're a principal who wants to review a project or a consultant who is referencing a model this license allows content to be viewed without a subscription.


“With ModelPort, we have the power to fine-tune materials and components, ensuring that every imported element aligns perfectly with our vision”
– Dan Hruby, Principal, VRchitects