Build a Transition Plan using BIM Analysis


An increasing number of companies implement BIM without a transition plan, which can create various bottlenecks in the process. How do you prepare for the transition from 2D to BIM? How do you develop your company’s process to work best with BIM? There are numerous questions and no right path for everyone. The strategy for your future is as unique as your firm.

To help you with this transition we offer a BIM analysis service where we address all critical issues, while trying to identify an intelligent direction that is right for your company. It’s not just about immediate gains. Finding the right approach and improving the process of how you work yields increased competitiveness and improved earnings in the long term.

BIM Analysis Details

  • Development of a 360° analysis
  • Dialogue with the decision makers in collaboration with the IT or CAD/BIM manager
  • Identification of users’ experience and skills
  • Analysis of typical projects and BIM methods
  • Customized implementation process
  • Potential for new business services

Make the Most of Your Transition

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