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BIM Model by Orcutt | Winslow

Converting a business from one working method to another is a big decision that can only be made ​​after evaluating the processes that define your working methods. Knowledge eliminates the fear of implementing BIM as well as the common belief that BIM is a complex issue, only relevant for experts and young people. Knowledge means that management can focus on positioning the company for the future.

Our BIM Introduction Package will aide in increasing your knowledge and comfort with Building Information Modeling as it applies to your firm. You will walk away with best practices from “early movers” as well as ideas for how to streamline the implementation process for your company.

BIM Introduction Overview

  • Dialogue with the decision makers and CAD/BIM manager
  • BIM workflow presentation
  • Focus on the prerequisites of a successful implementation
  • ROI calculation, including analysis
  • A description on the challenges and opportunities for a company

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