Create BIM Standards for Your Office

BIM Standards

BIM standards structure your process of working and embed your company knowledge. This means your staff can focus on the project instead of trying to answer questions about how to use the software or which tools to use in order to achieve the greatest value out of a BIM model.

We provide tailor-made standards that set up office processes and optimize employee performance. Our BIM template files are based on years of experience and synergized efforts with construction industry pioneers. We base our knowledge on “best practices” from real projects. By establishing these standards from the start you save time and increase profits right away.

BIM Standards Overview

  • To share knowledge internally
  • To collaborate better externally
  • To ensure consistent models

BIM is never better than the quality of the model! Contact us to learn how to create a company standard workflow to achieve more benefits from Building Information Modeling.

Optimize Employee Performance

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