Model Port 2.0 Subscription

$159.00 / year

ModelPort 2.0 is the leading object importer and editor for ARCHICAD. With ModelPort you can import, edit and change settings for a wide variety of object types, including MODO, Lightwave and Blender as well as the popular OBJ and standard FBX formats. Creating and managing ARCHICAD objects has never been easier.

2 for 1 Promotion

Give ModelPort a try and we’ll give you a second license for one year FREE thru September 30. Here are the steps to qualify for an additional second license:

  1. Download a ModelPort trial version (or skip to step 2).
  2. Purchase a subscription for one or more licenses below.
  3. After your subscription is processed we’ll send you instructions for accessing an additional FREE one year subscription to ModelPort.

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