Linking ARCHICAD to the Real World of Objects

Tracie Simmons ArchiCAD, Design, Objects, Technology

When linking ARCHICAD, one thing users are frequently in search of is 3D Objects to use in 3D Models and Visualizations. While there are many objects available from a variety of sources, many of them cannot be imported into ARCHICAD because of their file type.

To solve this dilemma ModelPort Object Importer was developed by Day8Design out of Budapest, Hungary. ModelPort takes popular file types such as Alias Wavefront OBJ and Autodesk FBX and translates them into ARCHICAD Library Parts.

To help ARCHICAD users understand how ModelPort can help them expand their object library, Graphisoft recently conducted a Linking ARCHICAD to the Real World of Objects webinar. To view this webinar, simply sign up below and you’ll be re-directed to the recorded video.

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ARCHICAD Basics Online Training can also help you understand how you can get projects such as this completed. Our course is designed for new users of ARCHICAD or experienced users who desire a high-level orientation of the basic aspects of the application. The four, two-hour sessions introduce the concepts of BIM and how to model a virtual building within ArchiCAD.