BIMx Presenter

BIMx — the ultimate BIM project presentation application — features the BIMx Hyper-model, a unique technology for integrated 2D and 3D building project navigation. With the BIMx Hyper-model, you get smooth handling and outstanding performance. Even for projects with complex 3D models and extensive 2D documentation.

Clients will like the BIMx app because it will let them discover an unlimited number of 3D models on any device.
Architects, on the other hand, might opt for BIMx PRO — to enable full access to all 3D models AND Hyper-linked 2D documentation on their own.

And of course, BIMx models can be shared — so clients can access individual BIMx Hyper-models (including 2D and 3D content) on any of their devices after their architect shares it with them.

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“BIMx, with its Hyper-model capability, has the potential to fundamentally change the way people explore BIM projects on their touch screen devices, whether they’re away from their office and/or don’t have BIM training,” said Akos Pfemeter, Director of Global Marketing at GRAPHISOFT. “The outstanding performance and smooth navigation we have achieved even on full-fledged, large scale BIM projects containing several hundreds of layouts that would virtually stop most PDF viewers is unmatched by any other mobile app when flying on BIMx on an iPhone/iPad.”

BIMx Hyper-models → “Hyper-model” is a unique technology that brings the full scope of Building Information Models into the dynamic touch screen environment of mobile devices. Integrated context-sensitive 2D and 3D building project navigation with smooth transitions helps even non-professionals find their way in a full BIM project.

Navigation Markers → What make BIMx Hyper-models so unique are model-based, context-sensitive hyperlinks. Conceptually, they are very much like any hyperlink on the Web. At the same time, due to their orientation in the 3D space and on 2D drawings, they add an invaluable extra dimension to understanding the model while simply navigating in it.

2D and 3D Transitions → Comprehending 2D plans and static 3D views causes difficulties for many people. With BIMx Docs’ smooth and context-sensitive transitions, even the untrained eye will have no trouble viewing and understanding the plans. Trimming building models with the interactive slider offers a whole new way of understanding and coordinating building information models.

Navigation Speed → No other mobile solution provides the same level of access to an integrated BIM environment with such high performance. Construction documentation can contain as many as several hundred sheets. Even within a project of that size, BIMx Docs offers lightning speed navigation within large layout books. This feature alone, even for 2D drawings, makes BIMx Docs an unbeatable tool for virtually anyone.

Cloud Connection → With a direct link to the BIM project in the BIM authoring tool, BIMx Docs offers a smooth and easy communication workflow with stakeholders outside the office environment. GRAPHISOFT’s cloud-based BIMx Transfer Service makes sure you get the latest updates fast and in an effective way. In addition, this is a free project publication portal as well. Contractors get their own digital copy of the project that can be updated as needed, enabling site supervision and visualization of the details to on-site workers.