Sharing BIM Makes Better BIM

Thomas SimmonsArchiCAD, BIM Resources, Collaboration

It took me awhile to start sharing Archicad tips on social media. Now I post them almost weekly on our LearnVirtual YouTube Channel. One of the best ways to learn about Archicad is from others. So I want to share a few resources that might be helpful.

WWABIMPatrick May with Walker Warner Architects was one of my inspirations for sharing more frequently. He has a truly helpful blog for ARCHICAD users. In WWABIM Patrick solves daily trouble shooting challenges and provides ARCHICAD quick tips. He does an amazing job and comes to the aide of many followers.

I invited him to speak at our latest ARCHICAD User Group and he shared with us why he blogs (Sharing Knowledge Makes Better BIM!) and how to make yourself part of the sharing BIM conversation.

listWe had a great dialogue about what and how to contribute to the conversation about BIM and ARCHICAD. The consensus was that participating in forums and discussion groups is instrumental in connecting with the community. Patrick discussed various Blogging authoring tools including WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly and others stressing that these tools make it easy to get started.

Here are some relevant forums and discussion groups:

Patrick also highlighted a number of blogs that are relevant for ARCHICAD Users (some of which I follow and some were new to me).

All in all there are a lot of great resources out there! Which brings me back to my vow of sharing my own knowledge and insights.

My passion is architecture and stories about architecture. So that’s part of what I will be sharing in this blog. In addition, I’ll be contributing resources and ideas for how to maximize the efficiency promised by BIM while maintaining your focus on design.