Tools for Archicad Framing & Structural Design

Accessories Add-On – Wall Framing & Concrete Footings

With the help of this Archicad Add-On you can supplement the roof, slab and wall elements with special objects including wall framing and concrete footings. The Accessories Add-On is part of the Goodies which are free for Archicad users. You can install all Goodies at once with the help of the Archicad Goodies Suite installer.

ArchiFraming – Design to Production for Wood & Metal Framing

ArchiFrame extends the ARCHICAD design suite for more user-friendly structural design in wood and metal systems. ArchiFrame will change the way you do structural design, improving processes and project management. It’s an innovative design tool for structures that combines engineering with aesthetics. ArchiFrame is the complete structuring tool for roofs, walls, floors, frames, panels, and wooden elements — simply reshape planks and beams in one click. The beauty of designing with ArchiFrame is that everything sits within one Archicad file — including 3D models and 2D elevations with semi-automated layouts and listings. With ArchiFrame you can even output elements to CNC — making it the ultimate end-to-end modeling software.