ModelPort 3.0 – New Release Webinar

Thomas Simmons

TIME OPTIONS : Morning, mid-day and late afternoon

We’re excited to announce the release of ModelPort 3.0 with over 80 new features, improvements and updates. Not only can users import, edit and manage a wide variety of formats including OBJ, FBX and DAE, as well as Revit and SketchUp models imported from Archicad, but with this new version users can also take advantage of higher resolution graphics and an improved editing environment. Key new features include…
  • Visualize materials with refined detail
  • Enhanced image quality on high resolution displays
  • Increased speed when working on high polygon objects
  • Multiple model management for simultaneous editing
  • Batch import to save time converting third party models

“I use ModelPort on every project and out of the three version I’ve used I like this version the best.  – Chuck Goodman, Pacific Crest Design