Is BIM in the Design Phase Worth the Effort?

Thomas Simmons Design

Our BIM Guru Makes the Case for Why It Just Might Make Sense

Many architects shy away from using BIM early in the design phase, especially when they are new toBIM? the process. While this is a completely rationale and safe way to take baby steps into what can be an entirely new way of working, I’d like to make the case for whole-heartedly embracing BIM as early as possible on a project.

Cultivate Happy Clients
Face it clients are not always visual. They can have an extremely hard time seeing what you see when looking at sketches and floor plans. With BIM clients no longer have to assemble the building in their minds; they can see it in 3D.

Produce Higher Value Designs
BIM fosters a collaborative design process. By getting engineers involved early you can create better, clearer presentations. You can also model more details that lead to better design refinement and a clearer understanding of how the project can be built.

Have More Fun
When you design in BIM the construction documents are being created in the background. This leaves you with more time to develop ideas and create your designs. After all, isn’t this why you got into the field to begin with?

Save Time & Money
As we all know changes to a building are less expensive during the design phase and become very costly in the construction phase. When you are able to visually communicate the design concept along with the design details early, more intelligent decisions can be made much sooner saving both time and money on the project.

Make the Most of Your Investment
Investing in BIM is a big commitment. So why not make the most of your investment? When you adjust your workflow to incorporate design earlier in the process, you are taking full advantage of all that BIM has to offer. Because your 2D and 3D worlds work together in the best BIM environments, you have the ability to significantly increase your productivity and your bottom line.

I’ve worked with many clients over the years that choose to incorporate BIM during different phases of their workflows. The clients who enjoy BIM the most and have the most success with it, are those that embrace all that it has to offer.

If you are interested in understanding more, take a look at our video on Adapting Your Workflow for 3D. It will give you ideas on what it takes to successfully incorporate BIM into your practice.