New ARCHICAD User Group in South Bay

Thomas SimmonsArchiCAD, Design, Rendering, Residential

First of all, I’d like to thank the folks at Fergus Garber Young Architects (FGY) for hosting the first ARCHICAD Users Group in the South Bay since I don’t know when. There was a great deal of ARCHICAD Users in attendance on Wednesday evening and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.Fergus Garber Young Architects Image

When Heather Young with FGY approached me about starting a group in the South Bay, the timing was perfect. I’ve made an effort this year to re-energize ARCHICAD User Groups by focusing on our clients. What they are doing. How they are doing it. And what special tools they might be using to distinguish their practice (Point Clouds anyone?).

It seems to be working. Our groups are growing again and the energy at our meetings has been inspirational for me as well as our users.

At Wednesday’s meeting, FGY shared a variety of presentation and drawing techniques they utilize for different clients. Specifically, they shared a number of 2D Shaded Elevations and Plans and demonstrated the settings they use inside ARCHICAD to get these. They also showed 3D Perspective Views and how they use CineRinder techniques and materials to generate the images.

Without a doubt, the most amazing part of the evening was when they went beyond ARCHICAD to demonstrate how they use Cinema4d + Vray Plug-In for rendered videos and aerial fly-throughs.

Again, kudos and thank you to the folks at FGY. Keep your eyes open for more ARCHICAD Users Group in South Bay, along with others around the Bay Area and the Pacific Northwest.

We hope you can join us soon!