doug wittnebel’s favorite apps

Some of Doug Wittnebel’s Favorite Design Apps

Tracie SimmonsDesign, Technology

I just finished watching a dynamic presentation on new technologies that benefit design by Doug Wittnebel, RA, AIA, LEED AP, Principal/Design Director, and Paul Choi, Associate, from Gensler. It is truly amazing how technology is changing how we work and how we think.

Gensler Wall DrawingsGensler is at the forefront of creating virtual experiences for their clients. In fact, they even have Experience Designers in their firm. And clients have now come to expect that they will be able to feel the space of a design via some form of virtual reality before the project is even close to being built.

To create this experience Gensler uses a wide variety of technologies … everything from more traditional products like Rhino and Artlantis to QR Codes and iPad Apps. Which brings me to share some of the Doug Wittnebel’s favorite apps. He uses around 18 Apps on a regular basis and the following ones to create an interactive wall drawing sketches.

  •  Brushes – this is a painting app with an accelerated open-GL painting engine that makes painting smooth and responsive.
  • ProCreate® – a powerful and intuitive digital illustration App. Includes pencils, inks, and brushes with advanced layering feature.
  • Adobe® Ideas – provides the ability to draw free form vector illustrations. Includes a huge canvas, customizable brushes, and pressure-sensitive stylus support.

These are some of the Doug Wittnebel’s favorite apps. Wittnebel gave some sound advice to maintain creativity in today’s ever-changing world of technology: “Keep your curiosity up. Every day something new is being introduced.”

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