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Designing Interiors with Archicad
Aug 4 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

With the release of Archicad 25 this new version adds powerful features for designing and visualizing interiors. Join this BIM in 30 Minutes webinar to explore how architects, interior designers and design build professionals use Archicad to create custom cabinetry, visualize interior spaces, assemble digital material boards, manage furniture selections and much more.

We also invite you to hear from Olvia Demetriou, a Principal with the award winning firm HapstakDemetriou, who specializes in restaurants, multi-family and retail design. She will discuss the decision process that led her firm to embrace 3D design via Archicad. As the key principal and face of HapstakDemetriou+, Olvia invested the time to learn the platform alongside her teams, and found that it inspired her to levels of creativity and collaboration as exciting as it was surprising.

Renovation with BIM | 2D & 3D Management
Aug 11 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

For most firms, renovation projects account for the majority of the workload but managing the various stages can be a struggle. During this BIM in 30 Minutes webinar discover how to quickly add existing conditions for demolition drawings and how this helps expedite the new design work. You’ll also uncover situations where existing conditions do not have to be completely modeled, as well as how to get your drawings to look the way you want them to look.

Join us to examine…

  • How to model existing conditions quickly and accurately
  • How to use existing conditions to produce better designs in less time
  • How to manage phases and renovation filters to control the display of drawings to match company standards

For Passacantando Architects renovation is a big part of what they do and ARCHICAD makes the process a whole lot easier.  “Using the renovation filter helped us see what needed to remain and what could be torn down, of course,” explained Andrew Passacantando when talking about the recent renovation of an historic home. “Showing the existing conditions and proposed changes made it easier for us to communicate with the folks involved in approving our ideas.”

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Engage Clients | Mobile & Real-Time Visualization
Sep 8 @ 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Whether you’re an established firm or a young studio, technology is rapidly evolving in the AEC market and clients are expecting high-tech when it comes to architectural design services. This is leading businesses to rethink their design approach. Join this BIM in 30 Minutes webinar to discover how to…

  • Shift BIM earlier into the design process
  • Incorporate “real-time” visualization such as Twinmotion with the Unreal Engine
  • Use mobile apps such as the BIMx Hyper-model for presentations, design review and on-site coordination.

The team at Scenario Architecture is increasingly using real-time visualization in their design process. “I don’t wait anymore,” says Teodora Iancu, one of Scenario’s Architectural Designers. “As soon as I have an idea, I draw it in ARCHICAD and then one click away, it’s there for me to see” in Twinmotion. He  says “it’s become intrinsic to our design.”

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