Evaluate How BIM Works for Your Office


The transition from 2D CAD drawings and 3D models to using BIM as a work method is a big step. Choosing which BIM tools will give your company the best benefits and provide an easy-to-use process is one of the biggest challenges. A broad consensus in the industry reveals that in order for a business to gain the promised productivity from BIM it is best to implement it in the Design Phase.

Our team empowers architects and design professionals to be creative and productive. We understand that design is really what it’s all about. That’s why when we talk about BIM integration we like to understand our clients current design process and workflow first. It allows us to make the best recommendations for the firm’s unique situation.

BIM Evaluation Details

When you are assessing new software to use for BIM it can feel a bit overwhelming. The programs are robust and often have unfamiliar features and tools. To simplify the process we’ve created a BIM Evaluation Package that blends software, training and coaching to help you determine if and how BIM can benefit your firm.

Really Evaluate BIM

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