Manage Detail of Imported Objects

Thomas Simmons

You’re invited to learn how ModelPort can improve your Archicad workflow when editing and managing imported objects. In this webinar we’ll review how to control the detail level of imported objects using several examples…

Editing Models and Element Visibility

Third party and manufacturer models often need to be edited when imported to Archicad. We’ll review options in ModelPort to edit imported models and change the visibility of elements.

Using Model View Options with Imports – NEW

Learn about ModelPort’s NEW Model View Option feature that allows you to customize detail of imported objects and manage the level of detail using Model View Options.

Optimizing Performance with Polygon Management

The default Archicad import does not offer options to manage the performance of a model import. In this example we’ll review how to use Import from Archicadto edit an import, compress the file size and control the polygon count.