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Genesis Architecture Communicates Design Intent with ARCHICAD

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As architects embrace virtual reality they are discovering that communication with clients can improve dramatically without a lot of extra time or expense. In fact, as discussed in this case study, it can be less work to provide clarity on the design intent when you are using the right combination of tools.

The Decision to use ARCHICAD has been a great investment as the software expands and creates new mobile and virtual technology features that have help companies such as, Genesis Architecture. Before BIM, Genesis would have had to create a printed book with images from the renderings of drawings that would then have to be sent to the clients. Having adopted an interactive process.

ARCHICAD has assisted many when completing renovation and remodeling projects. An example would be, needing to find a space in the model to run a duct  The team can also work with truss manufacturers or framers to quickly see conflicts. The 3D model allows clients or architects to see that portion of the building, aswell as see if there are any conflicts with where the proposed beam is running.

Source: Genesis Architecture Communicates Design Intent with ARCHICAD

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